Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lookee what I got!

DH and I went to the Omaha Orchid show today at the Lauritzen Gardens.  There were tons of lovely orchids there and I could have easily spent hundreds, I sort of regretted telling my DH that I was only going to bring home two orchids.  I was good, I did only bring home two orchids, but I did get a butterwort, however since it isn't an orchid I did keep my word.  :)

I got this one which is a mini Phalaenopsis and is cute as a button.

And I got this one which is a Blc Sakurahime x Slc. Tiny Titan.  The Blc stands for Brassolaeliocattleya, the Slc stands for Sophrolaeliocattleya.  I can completely understand why they abbreviate these terms.

And here is the cute as a button, not to mention easy to spell, butterwort.  

I was very intrigued by this little guy.  It eats bugs and since my dogs like to take their own sweet time coming in from outside we tend to get a lot of bugs when it is warm out.  Hopefully this will help keep them down.  :)

Wish me luck keeping these guys alive.  I've been able to keep orchids alive for about a year but after that they die.  For some reason I never thought to feed them so I will be rectifying that this time around and getting them a good quality orchid food.  We shall see what happens.  I LOVE orchids so if these guys do well and are still thriving by the time the 2015 Orchid show rolls around I can see them being joined by more of their orchid friends.

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