Monday, May 11, 2009

Artist Spotlight on Joyce from Southfield Designs

This weeks spotlight is on Joyce of Southfield Designs.  She sells beautiful beaded jewelry such as this lovely dragonfly.
Isn't it cute?  Her artfire shop is filled with cute items like this.  Don't forget to check her shop out.
And now, here is Joyce, in her own words.
My name is Joyce Weeks and the name of my Studio is Southfield Designs.
My studio is located in our barn in the tiny village of Southfield, Ma. in the beautiful Berkshire Mts. I design unique and unusual pieces of jewelry using pressed flowers, butterfly wings, resin, glass and glass beads and semi precious beads, vintage buttons and vintage lucite. I have been designing jewelry for the last 4 years, but when I was grwoing up I was always doing something with my hands, knitting, sewing etc. I really started when I retired from running a nursery school and we moved to Ma. from L.I.. I had a list of things that I wanted to do and beading was one of them. I just love the color and feel of the beads and the other elements that I use in my designs. I get a thrill from seeing a pile of stuff transform into something lovely and I can step back and say "I did that". Most of the things that I do are from experimenting. I have a large collection of books that I go to for help. I am always taking classes to learn something new, even if I don't plan to use the technique in my designs.. but you never know!! I am retired so I can spend as much time beading as I choose to. I would like to share the idea that experimenting with different items has led me to my 'Beady Bug' creations and to all of my pressed flower and butterfly pendants. I had know idea when I started that I could make it work. I love what I do and I find it very rewarding .. it enriches my soul!!
Thank you Joyce for participating in my Artist Spotlight.  If you would like to be a spotlight email me at for more information.