Friday, February 26, 2010

Bunnies - Day 6

Here are pictures of the baby bunnies as of Thursday Feb 25, 2010. They are getting so big, their eyes are going to open soon. I don't know exactly how old they have to be before their eyes open. I could look it up but I would rather be surprised when I go down one morning to check on them and find them looking back at me. As you can see their eyelids are getting more definition to them which means it won't be long before they open.
Stay tuned for the next installment of bunny pictures!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In October I got four Angora rabbits to raise for their fiber. Back in January I decided to breed two of the rabbits and on Friday Feb 19th Pearl gave birth to four kits. Here they are on their first day of life. There are 2 gray, 1 gray and white, and 1 white. The white one I am keeping and may name either Button or Puddles. Puddles because it pee'd on me one of the times I held it and Button because it is just cute as a button. Here they are on Feb 22. The ears are starting to unfold and the hair is more obvious. There are still four, if you look between the butt of the gray one that looks black and the gray and white one you can see the body parts that don't belong to either kit. Thats the fourth kit who was not happy about being uncovered and kept burrowing under the littermates where it was warm. And here is a close up of the white one taken that same day. Stay tuned for more pictures as they grow! If you are interested in purchasing one of the bunnies when they are available be sure to contact me soon. With only three available they will go fast.