Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bunnies - Days 9 and 12

The bunnies have been growing quickly.
Here they are on day 9.

And here they are today which is day 12. They just started opening their eyes today. The literature says they should have opened them on day 10 but rabbits can't read so they didn't know that and I forgot to tell them. Oops :) I'll try to remember to tell the next litter. Right now their eyes are just open to little slits, they are just as reluctant to open their eyes as I am in the morning :) Soon they will be fully open and they'll be crawling all over the place. Soon I will move them to a different cage with a solid bottom so they can move around freely and exercise their little limbs.

Baby bunnies are way to much fun, but today may be the last group shot I get. They are getting more active and wrangling them was a challenge. They have no idea what an edge is and seem hell bent on hurling themselves off of them at every opportunity that presents itself.

Be sure to keep checking back for more pictures as the bunnies grow. :)