Friday, October 01, 2010

It's October, Join the Army!

The Army of Women that is.

October is breast cancer awareness month.  In honor of that I want to take a moment to mention a group I joined a while ago that I hope you will take a moment to join too.

Army of Women

The mission of the Army of Women is to match women of all walks of life who have had, or have never had breast cancer with breast cancer researchers.  If you sign up you will get the occasional email regarding new research studies that are beginning and what sort of research subject the study is looking for.  If you fit the study and are willing to take part you can sign up to be part of the study.  Joining the Army of Women does not obligate you to do anything.  If a study fits you but is not convenient for you  that's fine, it isn't required that you take part.  No one will call you or email you to guilt you into anything.  You will also not be harassed for money.

So please, take a moment and consider joining this group.  It is very important for all women everywhere that we find a cure for breast cancer.

Thank you.