Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Baking Leperachaun eyeballs - or what to do when your hubby's away

My husband is in sunny Florida while I'm stuck in dreary Wisconsin. So, how do I keep myself occupied? Why I hunt down Leperachauns and bake their eyeballs. I have a fabulous recipe if you are interested. Actually I'm just teasing you. Everyone knows you broil Leperachaun eyeballs not bake :) But in actuality I am making polymer clay beads for St. Patty's day. I am working on some pot of gold beads, 4 leaf clover beads, and leperachaun head beads. I am hoping to sell them on ebay when they are done. I'm also working on my newest addition to my business. I am going to offer polymer clay birthday parties for kids. I will bring a bunch of clay and tools and let the kids go nuts. Hopefully it will go over well. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood that are of the appropriate age so once I finish my brochure I will be distributing it to hopefully get the word out. Wish me luck. More later, Heather

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