Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chiropractic care for dogs

I have an almost ten year old German Shedder named Summer.  Last year I came home from work one day to walk in on her screaming in pain.  No one was home, she had no obvious injury, but she was limping badly.  I rushed her to the vet where they took xrays and diagnosed her with Arthritis.  I have arthritis myself and know the pain of it so felt really bad for her.  
The vet gave me some anti-inflamatories for her and suggested I try to get her to loose some weight and get her to exercise more.  I did both and after a year of the pills and exercise of at least a mile a day (she lost 11lbs, I only lost 5) she is doing better but there is still room for improvement.
My vet suggested that one thing I might try was a chiropractic adjustment.  I talked to my chiro and it turned out that he was the one who went to my vets office to do the adjustments.  So tonight I took her to the chiropractor.  I wasn't sure how she'd react but she didn't seem to bothered by the whole process.   The chiro said that in a couple days she'll be a bit stiffer than normal but that it will loosen up and I'll notice a huge improvement.  I'm looking forward to seeing if he's right and seeing if this helps my Summer girl :)
In the meantime, has anyone else taken their dog to the chiropractor?  I would love to hear about your experience.  I will be sure to update you all on what happens with Summer.
This is Summer and her companion Spike. Spike is a boxer/lab mix.


  1. I hope the Chiro visit helps Summer. Let us know how it goes.

  2. I was hoping to get some answers here- I have a 5 1/2 year old Bichon who the vet thinks has a slipped disk. Cost of surgery: $3000. That is not counting the x-rays we have to take him in for this morning. How is YOUR dog?? Did the Chiropractor help? I called MINE this morning to ask if a human has a slipped disk, can they fix it? They said yes. Then I said; "If a DOG has one, can that be fixed the same?" They said YES! I will be talking to her about it when she calls....PLEASE update date your blog!!! I would really love to know your experience!