Monday, June 22, 2009

Artist Spotlight on Laura from Laura Fry Weaving Studio

This week's spotlight is on Laura Fry.  She weaves some of the most beautiful yummy pieces I have ever seen, and if you are a weaver, knitter, or other fabric artist she also sells some really yummy yarns too.  This is one of her scarves that I am in love with.  Isn't it gorgeous?
And now, here's Laura in her own words. 1) Name, Location
Laura Fry, Prince George, BC, Canada
2) Where can you be found online?
3) What do you do?
I weave functional fabrics – scarves, shawls, tea towels, table runners, placemats, etc. 4) How long have you done it?
Since 1975
5) How did you start?
I chose weaving as a career. The local community college was offering a two year program in fibres, and I dove in. 6) Why did you choose this and not something else?
After several years of searching for a job that didn’t bore me after 3 months, I realized I needed work that had a high element of creativity in it. When I finally discovered weaving, I knew that I could weave for the rest of my life and never get bored. ☺ 7) How did you learn your craft?
Starting with the two year program, I then went on to take as many workshops as I could afford, locally and away. In 1977 I travelled to Finland to take a two week class at the Varpapuu Summer Weaving School. I also took classes at Banff Centre of Fine Art in Banff, Alberta, and attended conferences as my budget allowed. 8) Is this a full time profession for you or do you have another job?
I’ve been doing this full time for many years, although I did take part time jobs from time to time when necessary. 9) If this isn’t your full time profession, would you do it full time if you could? See above 10) Anything you want to share with others in your craft or who may be considering your craft? I have found weaving endlessly fascinating. It has given me many gifts over the years – in terms of knowledge and friendships. There are few hard and fast rules because change one factor and everything changes. While I may have gained some insight into what will happen, I learn all the time. And I find that particularly intriguing. 11) Anything that I didn’t ask that you would like to talk about? While being a full time weaver has been interesting and challenging and while I might wish to have done some things differently in the past, I don’t regret for one minute that I chose this life rather than some other career. It has been uplifting to teach others and watch the excitement to create spark in their eyes.  
Thank you for taking part in my Artist spotlight Laura.  
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