Monday, March 16, 2009

Artist Spotlight on Diana at Dj Store Room

This week's spotlight is on Diana and her store Dj Store Room. She has a very cute ArtFire shop featuring hand made bags that I just love. She uses luscious colors and beautiful fabrics that make each of her bags and wristlets a wonderful, usable work of art. Be sure to check her out! Isn't this yummy? And now, without further ado, I give you Diana, in her own words. 1) Name, Location Diana, DjStoreRoom, Singapore 2) Where can you be found online? ArtFire Store @ Etsy Store @ Blog @ Twitter @ 3) What do you do? DjStoreRoom offer antique safes, vintage supplies, vintage documents, old artifacts, collectibles, e-tutorials, handmade bags and purses and serviette art designs at online venues. DjStoreRoom also provides administrative work for 3 local small companies. 4) How long have you done it? How did you learn your craft? I had first-hand experience dealing with Antiques, Vintages, Documents and Artifacts as I have been helping my dad out with his own business since I was 16. When I was 12, I started sewing during home economics and stopped after 4 years. While staying in France, I went back to sewing after my kid was born when I was 23. That same year, I took up serviette art techniques as it was a very popular art in France. Plus, I took up a Penn Foster distance learning course on Dressmaking and Design and graduated from that too. 5) How did you start? Back in Singapore, I went in search for a job and got it. 1 year after, I was too unhappy and decided to leave the job. I started off with offering handmades and e-tutorials at Etsy.Com. And when I read about ArtFire.Com, I went ahead and got myself verified at the site. I decided to make that my main site as I agreed with the overall environment. I dreamt and eventually registered my own business, so that I could tap on my own experiences with all the elements mentioned earlier. And, I started and run it all by myself, with the support of my hubby and family. 6) Why did you choose this and not something else? I needed a career that I enjoy, have experience and confidence in. Plus, the most important thing is that I need to be happy. To be able to work with things that you like, that make you happy makes you want to work doubly hard for it to become successful. 7) Is this a full time profession for you or do you have another job? This is my full time occupation. My commitment to it lies in the registration of the business. I seek to have this as my career and be able to contribute to the family and society. I aim to send my child for further education when the time comes. 8) If this isn’t your full time profession, would you do it full time if you could? If this weren’t my full time job, I would still continue to fight for it to become a full time job. 9) Anything I didn’t ask that you would like to talk about? A bit of encouragement for others: I dreamt about the lifestyle that I wanted. I dreamt specifically the details that I would go through from my waking moment, till the moment that I slept. I dreamt of waking up and seeing an email about a sale that was made while I was asleep. I dreamt of going for breakfast with my hubby, before coming back home to upload product pictures and descriptions. I dreamt of going to to check my increasing balance, and packing up goodies after goodies before sending them to the post office. Remember; Dream. And dream in specific details about how you want to live. And I told myself to go ahead and live it. Life is short and mostly abrupt. No point putting things off until tomorrow. Do it today. Live your dream. Thank you for taking part in my spotlight Diana. If any of my readers would like to be spotlighted please don't hesitate to email me at for information on how to be a Spotlighted Artist.


  1. Thank you for the spotlight. Really appreciate it.


  2. Good for You , Diana. Its great to know more about you. thanx for the words of encouragement. I too dream.....have a great day!

    Thanx for sharing this with us, Heather!

    Crystal from KIZZ