Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lazy Sundays

It's raining today and my backyard is turning into soup.  Today is a perfect day to stay inside and pretend that the outside doesn't exist.  I'm pretty good at it too except for when my puppy needs to go out and then comes in all covered with the outside.  He's very playful and thinks that when I am trying to dry him off and wipe off the mud that I am wrestling with him.  My husband finds this quite funny and laughs at the two of us.
Right now though, the pup is content with laying on the floor next to me.  My other dog is on the other side of me doing her throw rug impersonation.  It must be nice to be a dog.
So anyway, its a lazy Sunday here.  I made a tasty coffee cake, changed the clocks, and am doing laundry.  My hubby is puttering in our basement putting some iron on trim onto the pieces of the desks he is building for us, so he's being productive.  
I have to go to the post office tomorrow anyway, so to make it more worth my while, I am going to offer a sale.  Anyone who buys something from either Square One Beads or my ArtFire store and either puts in the message to seller or emails me the words Lazy Sunday will get 20% off their entire order as long as you pay today via paypal (no echecks).  Follow the payment process as normal and I will issue the refunds via paypal as soon as I get the message that a payment was received.
Have a great lazy day!

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