Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Poor Puppy

My puppy Spike is in need of some sympathy because he isn't getting any from us. He's got a histoma on his back. A histoma is a benign tumor that commonly occurs on young dogs and then goes away on its own after several months. He started biting at it and it started bleeding. I didn't want him to cause it to get infected so I got him and inflatable neck ring so he couldn't reach the histoma and am treating it with a dog safe antibacterial ointment. Here is my puppy on Friday night begging my hubby to take off the ring.
Doesn't he look sad here?
Notice the tail tucked up, how pathetic is that? If you ever need to keep a dog from biting a wound or surgical site I would highly recommend one of these inflatable collars.  I've used the standard plastic cones on my other dog and she always left long, thin, curved bruises on our legs from ramming into us with the edge of  the cone.  I'm not getting hit any less with this collar but at least its more comfortable.  LOL
Anyway, Spike was after my hubby to get him to take the collar off because I put it on him and he knew I wouldn't take it off.  Of course my hubby is even less sympathetic than I am so he didn't take it off either.
Before to long though Spike adjusted and he's back to his happy, goofy, self, collar and all.  :)
I love my little clown.  He's so goofy.  He isn't trying to get the collar off anymore but he still runs into things because he's now wider than he's used to being so we are laughing at him even more than we normally do.  So, won't you give my puppy some sympathy?  He's not getting any here.  LOL
I don't know how long he'll need the collar for but it will be very amusing while he does need it. :)


  1. Looks like he has adjusted fine to the collar. It does look much better than those cones! Let Spike know that I am sending sympathy his way!

  2. What a pretty fur baby he is. And you are a good puppy mom taking such good care of him, too!

  3. Poor chap. You are doing the right thing and he is finding it tough. Good luck Spike!

  4. aww poor puppy - he looks happy in the last photo though

    we thought we were going to have to use a cone to keep my doggy from scratching at the stitches on his head (while recovering from a run in with a meanie)

    fortunately the goof left them alone for the most part so we didn't have to go the last embarrassing step

    he does have one UGLY hair cut now tho, lol

  5. what a cute puppy! poor thing - ours always seems embarrassed when he has to wear something like that :P
    he almost looks ready to go swimming.

  6. Where did you get the collar please,
    or what is it called?? it looks so much nicer than a cone, and would be much better for our do too..