Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chiropractic care for dogs - Part 2

Last week Thursday I took my dog in to the chiropractor for an adjustment.  The doctor who adjusted her is the same chiropractor I go to and I really like him.  
He had told me that two days after she might be a little stiffer than normal and she was.  Saturday and Sunday she didn't do much, just lay around the house and took it easy.  On Monday however, she was much better.  She is now getting up in the morning with fewer moans and groans.  She's also much more fluid in her movements when she lays down, sits, or just walks.  She is also more agile than she had been.  My puppy Spike likes to bite her on the but and she'll turn and snap at him.  Thanks to the adjustment she can now turn fast enough to catch him as he darts away.  I'm hoping that her now being able to give him a smack down when he acts like a brat will help dissuade him from his bad behavior.  
So all in all, I am very pleased with how Summer's responded to her chiropractic care.  My doctor says that dogs typically only need one or two treatments and they are good for a lot longer than humans are.  If Summer starts slipping back into her old stiff ways I won't hesitate to take her back to him for another treatment.

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  1. oh GOOD! I AM GLAD TO HAVE FOUND THIS UPDATE!! Although your dog has a different problem then mine (slipped disk, age 5 1/2 small dog- Bichon) I feel a bit more comfortable stepping outside the 'norm' of vet medicine and surgeries! I hope to have the same experience. Thank your for taking the time to post about your 'loved one' have helped me to decide about helping mine.