Friday, March 13, 2009

The start of show season

Tomorrow is my first show of 2009.  I am going to be at the Winter Wine Fest at the Jefferson County Fair Park in Jefferson WI.  It runs from 10-5 so if you go be sure to stop by and say hi :)  If you mention my blog when making a purchase from me I will give you 5% off your purchase :)
Anyway, for those of you who do shows I'm sure you are gearing up and getting ready to do your first ones of the season too.  I want to wish you all good luck with your shows for this year.  With the shape the economy is in we are all going to need it :)
For those of you attending the shows.  Times are hard and we understand that.  However, please do not hesitate to spend money at the shows and keep your money in the local economy.  Money spent in your community helps support your community and right now we all need to support each other as much as possible.
To help you all prepare for upcoming shows I thought I would post a copy of my show checklist for you.  Its worked well for me for 5 years and I hope it works for you.
 Hand Mirror (For Gazing)  Rubbing Alcohol (For Trying On Earrings)  Cotton Balls  Change…$20.00 in ones…$20.00 in fives…$20.00 in tens…Coins  Cash Box  Fanny Pack (For Bigger Bills & Checks)  Paper Clips, Clothes Pins, etc…(For Holding Down Money)  Table(s)  Chair(s)  Your Glasses (If Needed)  Tarp or Patio Umbrellas w/nylon clothesline, ball peen hammers & re-bars (To Stake Umbrella)  Duct Tape  Scissors  Scotch Tape  Peg Board (For Hanging Larger Items)  Cooler (Don’t Forget The Ice, Food, & Beverages)  Bags  Tissue Paper (For Wrapping Up Sold Items)  Business Cards  Price Tags  Flyers  Sign(s)  Receipt Book w/carbon copy  Pins (straight and/or u pins for pinning down small items  Pens  Sunscreen  Lip Balm  Bug Off Or Bug Repel Bracelets Found At Wal-Mart  Tylenol/Aleve  Tic Tacs/Breath Mints  First Aid Kit  Tissues (Kleenex)  Baby Wipes  Velvet, Felt Or Cloth For Displays & Table Covering (light & dark colors)  Display Mannequins For Necklaces & Bracelets  Extra Findings: Ear Wires, Clip On Findings, Hoops & Loops, Clasp  Tackle Box For Extra Beads & Such For Works In Progress  Tools…Pliers, Nippers, Glue, Etc…  Fan(s) (including hand held fans)  TV Tray(s)  Suitcases For Transport  Copy Of Inventory  Stapler  Polishing Clothes  Clipboards  Extension Cord(s)  Credit Card Trays  Tablet  Calculator  Tape Measure  Digital Camera  Sales Tax Certificate  Credit Card Machine  Batteries (for digital camera, cc machine, mini fans, etc…)  Lamps  Credit Card Sign  Lint Brush  Colored Paper  Trash Can  Windex  Paper Towel  Ez Up Canopy  Guest Book  Help…an extra person to keep an eye on the other side of the table or relieve you for breaks
And again, Good luck to us all!


  1. Great list! I need to get my stuff out and go over before May.

  2. great reminder ;) I have quite a few shows coming up & need to get my stuff in gear!